You know you’re a dog mom when you’re late to work because your dog is napping on you and dog hair coats your work pants like confetti.

I help busy dog moms like you get heart-bursting images of your spirited dog.

Your mornings are crazy – rushing around the house to get ready for the day, taking care of your dog, bundling up your kids and trying to get them to school before heading to your 9-to-5. It’s a lot to keep straight!

You finally get home from your hectic day to find your pup excitedly greeting you at the door. It’s the highlight of your day knowing he is always there with a happy welcome no matter how your day has gone.

You take him for a walk with the kids that evening after dinner. You finally wrangle the kids to sleep and plop down on the couch with a glass of wine. Your furry friend climbs up on the couch and snuggles next to you. You start to feel yourself unwind and your mind starts to calm as you pet his soft head.

You can’t imagine life without him. You’ve noticed the gray speckles starting to appear on his muzzle and around his eyes. You realize that you have hundreds of blurry photos of him on your phone, but you don’t have anything you would want to hang on your wall or put on your nightstand.

This is where I come in to help busy dog moms like you.

Christy & Samson | Michigan Pet Photographer | Christy Schulte Photography

About Christy Schulte Photography

Hi, I’m Christy, and I have been serving busy dog moms in southeast Michigan and the Lansing area who want gorgeous, colorful photos with their furry best friend since 2016. In fact, Peerspace named me one of the top Metro Detroit pet photographers in November 2019! I am based in Howell, so my sessions take place in Metro Detroit and the Lansing area.

I specialize in capturing family photos with your pets. In an era where most photographers focus on pet or family photography, I’m the photographer that wants to capture heart-bursting photos of you, your dog(s) AND the rest of your family (significant other and/or kids)! All in one fun session.

As a mom to a toddler and her two furry best friends, I have the patience and expertise to photograph your entire family. Toddler meltdowns and high-energy dogs don’t scare me.

I use natural light photography to capture the personality and beauty of each dog to provide my clients with one-of-a-kind colorful portraits. You can view my portfolio to see examples of my work.

About Me

When I received my first DSLR for Christmas, I immediately started practicing on our family bulldog Magoo. Little did I know that he would unexpectedly pass away two months later. Our family was in such shock from the devastating loss. We were relieved to have those photos, but desperately wished that I had more quality photos of him.

Six months later, my parents brought home a puppy named Samson (see photo above). I took every opportunity to visit them and take photos of their new addition. Around the same time, I needed to take quality photos at work so I quickly invested my time into photography classes and educating myself on all things pet photography. Years later, Christy Schulte Photography was born with the goal of creating lifelong snapshots of our furry family members.

Why Book with Christy Schulte Photography?

When you unexpectedly lose a beloved pet, you will cling to your photos. How do you want to remember your furry friend by? A blurry phone photo or a beautiful, timeless portrait with you in the photo?

When you book with Christy Schulte Photography, you are hiring a Michigan pet photographer who will capture a colorful portrait of your furry best friend. You will have an enjoyable one-hour session as we take photos of your pet(s) in a variety of settings to ensure you have one-of-a-kind photos that will last a lifetime. Your photos will capture the unique bond between your dog(s) and you.

Our dogs Kalea and Ripley are my furry best friends. I cannot imagine my life without them. Whenever they do pass, I will have beautiful portraits of them to remember Ripley’s handsome good looks and Kalea’s entertaining personality quirks. Will you be able to say that about your dog?

Want to learn more about what a session with me looks like? Check out my pricing page.

Ripley the German Shepherd | Michigan Pet Photographer | Christy Schulte Photography