I was thrilled with the opportunity to photograph beautiful Lacy of Instagram fame (@goldenlacy). We held her session at a park in Sterling Heights as the sun was setting, which created this gorgeous bokeh, to capture some colorful images of Lacy in all her glory!

I like to perch dogs on a picnic table or bench at some point during their session to give a different height and look to the dog. Lacy rocked it on this park bench!

At the end of the session, we came across a doe and her two fawns. We couldn’t believe our eyes that the loud noises of the bikers and families walking by didn’t scare them off!

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I went with Kayden and his parents, Danielle and Joel, to Pontiac Lake Recreation Area at the end of June for a fun evening session.

Kayden | Michigan Pet Photographer

I quickly learned that Kayden is quite the stylish gentleman with a variety of looks for his session with me.

Kayden loves his frisbee so we took some photos where Joel was holding the frisbee to the side while Danielle held the leash off to the side. I had to save a couple with her still in the frame – I think it adds to the amusement of the image!

I just loved how the light was hitting the trees and Kayden on the picnic table. He was such a model on the picnic table!

To follow Kayden, check him out on Instagram at @kaydenroo!


Jax is one of the Australian Shepherds making up @aussie_posseof3 on Instagram. He is one of the most adorable, bubbly dogs you will meet, and I’m pretty sure that I had a grin plastered to my face the entire session because of his antics!

Jax - Australian Shepherd - East Lansing Pet Photographer

We visited Michigan State University with his mom, Marilynn. To help grab his attention, we used a ball. I have NEVER met a more ball-motivated individual than Jax. He will do anything for his precious ball, including perch next to a water fountain!

We then ventured over to Beaumont Tower, which is a beautiful area on an already gorgeous campus (and that’s coming from a Michigan grad!).

As we wandered around campus, we stopped whenever a great opportunity presented itself, and there were plenty that evening!

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