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About Me

Hello! I’m Christy Schulte, a pet photographer based in the beautiful state of Michigan. I strive to provide fur parents, who love their pet(s) as any other family member, with beautifully captured photos of their beloved four-legged friends. If you view my portfolio, you will find that I use natural light photography to capture the personality and beauty of each dog, cat, horse and human family members to provide my clients with one-of-a-kind colorful portraits.

When I received my first DSLR for Christmas, I immediately started practicing on our family bulldog Magoo, who unexpectedly passed away two months later. Our family was in such shock from the devastating, unexpected loss that we clung to those Christmas-time photos. I was so relieved to have those photos, but desperately wished that I had more quality photos of him as a puppy and his other life stages.

Six months later, my parents brought home a new English bulldog named Samson (see his 8-week-old self in the photo above). I took every opportunity to visit them and take photos of their new furry addition. Around the same time, I needed to take quality photos at work so I quickly invested my time into photography classes and educating myself on all things pet photography. Years later, Christy Schulte Photography was born with the goal of creating lifelong snapshots of our furry family members.

My husband, Bret, and I own two wonderful dogs – a German Shepherd named Ripley and an English Bulldog named Kalea. I am one of those “crazy” dog moms, who documents all of their antics on their @kaleathebulldog Instagram account (check it out!). Know that by hiring Christy Schulte Photography, you will work with someone incredibly passionate about documenting the unique bond between pet and owner. Someone who understands firsthand the incredible bond you have with your most precious animals and knows that your pets are true family members.

When I’m not photographing client’s pets or my own dogs, I love to sit on my oversized chair cuddling with my dogs and watching TV at the end of a long day. My friends know that I’m a bit dog crazy, so they always send me funny dog videos. To date, my favorite is this English Bulldog video and this German Shepherd video.

Why Book with Christy Schulte Photography?

When you unexpectedly lose a beloved pet, you will look at your precious photos to cling to. How do you want to remember your furry friend by – a blurry photo on your iPhone or a beautiful, timeless portrait?

When you book with Christy Schulte Photography, you are hiring a photographer who will capture a colorful portrait of your furry best friend. You will have an enjoyable one-hour session as we take photos of your pet(s) in a variety of settings to ensure you have one-of-a-kind photos that will last a lifetime.

Our dogs Kalea and Ripley are my furry best friends, and I could not imagine my life without them. Whenever they do pass (hopefully a decade-plus down the road), I will have beautiful portraits of them to remember Ripley’s handsome good looks and Kalea’s entertaining personality quirks. Will you be able to say that about your furry family member?

To read what former clients have said about their experience with Christy Schulte Photography, you can visit the testimonials page.

Ripley the German Shepherd | Michigan Pet Photographer | Christy Schulte Photography