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Ryver is an incredible service dog to his owner, and he will be retiring once his owner’s next service dog is fully trained. Valarie wanted to capture photos of Ryver when he is not working and just having fun in the beautiful fall air. It ended up being a bit colder than we anticipated, but both Valarie and Ryver did great in the elements at the beautiful Richfield Park in Davison!

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We took 13-year-old Andre, who is a handsome lab/spaniel mix, to Michigan State University for photos around their beautiful campus.

Andre is a bit hard of hearing so I switched to a wide-angle lens halfway during the session, allowing me to wave yummy treats right in front of him to get those ears perked up!

Photographing Ginger, the 14-year-old Airedale Terrier, was one of my favorite sessions of 2017. This absolutely sweetheart had lost most of her vision so I really had to work to get her attention and those beautiful ears to pop up in my direction.

The bond between Ginger and her owner Jenna was beyond sweet, and I couldn’t help myself taking photos of these two. Ginger has half of a bone pendant on her collar, while Jenna has the other half on a necklace she wears.

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