The McGillis family already had a Bernese Mountain Dog named Mia when they decided to add little Carlos to the mix. At the time of the session, Mia was not a fan of her new furry sibling and wanted nothing to do with his puppy antics. As such, we focused our attention on the adorable little pup that he was to capture his tiny, fluffy self in all his glory.

Puppy - Bernese Mountain Dog - Pet Photographer - Photo Session
Bernese Mountain Dog - Pet Photographer - Puppy - Photo Session

I then turned my attention to capturing some images of Mia, who did her best to move around the yard in the opposite direction of Carlos.

Bernese Mountain Dog - Pet Photographer - Photo Session

We then strategically took the family photo – placing the two dogs on opposite sides of the image. You would have no idea looking at these photos! I am happy to report that the two are great friends these days, especially as Carlos continues to outgrow his excited puppy tendencies.

Family Photo - Bernese Mountain Dog - Pet Photographer - Photo Session

Your dog’s birthday is coming up, and you’re trying to think of ways to make it a big deal for them. Here are 10 ideas on how you can celebrate your furry friend’s special day in ways that you’ll both enjoy:

1. Buy your dog a delicious birthday cake from the experts at Howl About It Bakery in Howell or Bark+Bake through Betty’s Cakes in Plymouth.

2. Pick out a birthday-themed bandana for your dog to wear on their big day from Bubs’ & Betty’s.

3. Take them to their favorite local pet store and let them pick out a new toy (our dogs would likely pick a Benebone or another Chuck-It).

4. Host a party with their furry buddies at your local dog park. Better yet, ask everyone to donate $5 to attend and donate it to your local animal rescue!

5. Does your dog love the water? Stop by Bubble Puppy Pool House in Trenton for 30 minutes of fun in the pool.

6. Book a photo session with a pet photographer like me (insert casual plug for Christy Schulte Photography) and order beautiful wall art featuring you and your furry friend!

7. Treat your dog to some all natural doggy ice cream! PawTreats makes yummy all natural ice cream for our furry friends, and you can find their frozen treats at Bow Wow Baketique in Grosse Pointe, Cass Corridog in Detroit, Golden Cone in Royal Oak and Soldan’s Pet Supplies in the Lansing area.

8. Do your dog’s FAVORITE activity. Every dog is different so it’s up to you to know which activity makes sense. One dog may want to go run with you, hike with you, play fetch with you, chew a new bone on the floor next to you or cuddle with you by the fireplace.

9. Have to work on their birthday? Make sure you have a dog sitter stop by to give them a walk outside or play fetch if they’re ball-motivated like my German Shepherd!

10. Do a “Paint Your Pet” prior to their birthday and surprise them with a painting of their likeness


I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with an amazing pet boutique in downtown Milford called Bubs’ & Betty’s. We photographed an absolutely adorable 15-week-old Golden Retriever named Obie, as well as a handsome doodle named Carlton to model some of their spring line of bandanas. Check out the results!

City photo sessions can be so much fun if you have a well-motivated doggo! We can usually find a variety of backdrops in the human’s favorite city. For safety, all dogs are on leashes during city photo sessions, and I then remove the leashes during the editing process. Contact me today to book a city session with your pet!

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