Gibbs | 5.30.17 Session

I had the absolute joy of photographing a very handsome pit bull named Gibbs (yes, he is named after the NCIS character). We went around the University of Michigan campus – my alma mater (Go Blue!) – for a fun evening session. To see more photos of Gibbs, you can check him out on Instagram at @gibbs_n_gunnar.

There are some cool walls with murals around campus so we made sure to stop by those for a few quick photos!


We found a fairly open spot on campus for photos where we could really show off Gibbs’ good looks and capture beautiful bokeh behind him.


One of the awesome aspects of doing a session on a college campus is the beautiful buildings, architecture and the cool doors! We found this spot near the Law Quad and made sure to capture a variety of photos in front of this door.


The Law Quad at the University of Michigan is absolutely gorgeous, but the courtyard was under construction this year. We went alongside one of the buildings that makes up the Law Quad and captured some stunning images of Gibbs.


Ingalls Mall is this beautiful, open space on campus where the Rackham Auditorium overlooks. You can see the Rackham in the background as Gibbs models quite majestically on Ingalls Mall.

Gibbs at Ingalls Mall

As part of Ingalls Mall, there is a cool looking water fountain that we had Gibbs pose in front of. Thankfully, he did not jump into the water!

We ended the session as we were leaving. We cut through the Nickels Arcade to get to our parking lot. Amazingly, I didn’t even have to Photoshop people out of the photo. We were able to time it so that it appears no one is in the space for our final shots of the session!

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