Lillie Jane | 6.8.17 Session

Lillie Jane is a beautiful Weimaraner from Birmingham, Mich. Funny enough, her mom Susan is a teacher at my former high school. Small world! Anyways, we started our session off by the waterfall in Quarton Lake Park, which is a gorgeous park in Birmingham.

Across the lake from us was a stunning home that made the perfect backdrop to Lillie so we, of course, had to stop for some photos!

As we walked down the path, we stopped at different points to capture photos of Lillie and the scenery. It was at this point that I learned Lillie is OBSESSED with feathers. We came across one on the path, and her mom encouraged me to use it to grab Lillie’s attention. It was so effective!

All in all, it was a beautiful June evening to spend with Lillie Jane and her mom, Susan. To check out more photos of Lillie’s daily adventures, you can find her on Instagram at @lilliej35.


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