Jax | 6.16.17 Session

Jax is one of the Australian Shepherds making up @aussie_posseof3 on Instagram. He is one of the most adorable, bubbly dogs you will meet, and I’m pretty sure that I had a grin plastered to my face the entire session because of his antics!

Jax - Australian Shepherd - East Lansing Pet Photographer

We visited Michigan State University with his mom, Marilynn. To help grab his attention, we used a ball. I have NEVER met a more ball-motivated individual than Jax. He will do anything for his precious ball, including perch next to a water fountain!

We then ventured over to Beaumont Tower, which is a beautiful area on an already gorgeous campus (and that’s coming from a Michigan grad!).

As we wandered around campus, we stopped whenever a great opportunity presented itself, and there were plenty that evening!

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