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I went with Kayden and his parents, Danielle and Joel, to Pontiac Lake Recreation Area at the end of June for a fun evening session.

Kayden | Michigan Pet Photographer

I quickly learned that Kayden is quite the stylish gentleman with a variety of looks for his session with me.

Kayden loves his frisbee so we took some photos where Joel was holding the frisbee to the side while Danielle held the leash off to the side. I had to save a couple with her still in the frame – I think it adds to the amusement of the image!

I just loved how the light was hitting the trees and Kayden on the picnic table. He was such a model on the picnic table!

To follow Kayden, check him out on Instagram at @kaydenroo!

Jax is one of the Australian Shepherds making up @aussie_posseof3 on Instagram. He is one of the most adorable, bubbly dogs you will meet, and I’m pretty sure that I had a grin plastered to my face the entire session because of his antics!

Jax - Australian Shepherd - East Lansing Pet Photographer

We visited Michigan State University with his mom, Marilynn. To help grab his attention, we used a ball. I have NEVER met a more ball-motivated individual than Jax. He will do anything for his precious ball, including perch next to a water fountain!

We then ventured over to Beaumont Tower, which is a beautiful area on an already gorgeous campus (and that’s coming from a Michigan grad!).

As we wandered around campus, we stopped whenever a great opportunity presented itself, and there were plenty that evening!

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In mid-June, I had the opportunity to photograph a 10-week-old fox named Axel, who was rescued from a fur farm in Minnesota. His parents had to apply to the fox rescue in addition to going through a formal wildlife permit application with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Upon finishing all of the necessary paperwork, they brought Axel home to Michigan. How adorable is he!? You can follow his fox adventures on Instagram at @our_fox_axel.

Axel the Fox - Michigan Pet Photographer

There were definitely quite a few moments where I caught Axel being very fox-like, while other times he reminded me more of a kitten or puppy.

Axel the Fox - Michigan Pet Photographer

Axel the Fox - Michigan Pet Photographer

Naturally, I had to take some photos of Axel with his mom, Jenny. How perfect was the light behind them for these photos?

Axel the Fox - Michigan Pet Photographer

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Lillie Jane is a beautiful Weimaraner from Birmingham, Mich. Funny enough, her mom Susan is a teacher at my former high school. Small world! Anyways, we started our session off by the waterfall in Quarton Lake Park, which is a gorgeous park in Birmingham.

Across the lake from us was a stunning home that made the perfect backdrop to Lillie so we, of course, had to stop for some photos!

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I had the absolute joy of photographing a very handsome pit bull named Gibbs (yes, he is named after the NCIS character). We went around the University of Michigan campus – my alma mater (Go Blue!) – for a fun evening session. To see more photos of Gibbs, you can check him out on Instagram at @gibbs_n_gunnar.

There are some cool walls with murals around campus so we made sure to stop by those for a few quick photos!


We found a fairly open spot on campus for photos where we could really show off Gibbs’ good looks and capture beautiful bokeh behind him.


One of the awesome aspects of doing a session on a college campus is the beautiful buildings, architecture and the cool doors! We found this spot near the Law Quad and made sure to capture a variety of photos in front of this door.


The Law Quad at the University of Michigan is absolutely gorgeous, but the courtyard was under construction this year. We went alongside one of the buildings that makes up the Law Quad and captured some stunning images of Gibbs.


Ingalls Mall is this beautiful, open space on campus where the Rackham Auditorium overlooks. You can see the Rackham in the background as Gibbs models quite majestically on Ingalls Mall.

Gibbs at Ingalls Mall

As part of Ingalls Mall, there is a cool looking water fountain that we had Gibbs pose in front of. Thankfully, he did not jump into the water!

We ended the session as we were leaving. We cut through the Nickels Arcade to get to our parking lot. Amazingly, I didn’t even have to Photoshop people out of the photo. We were able to time it so that it appears no one is in the space for our final shots of the session!

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